Soulful Thoughts

Let go of the chains that bind you, and wander till you fall into your grave.

My perfect remedy! 

Hey everyone,  I know I've been away for quite a few weeks, but i have the perfect excuse. Its not my favorite type, but its what is really going on. So, i've been sick for over a week now, and... Continue Reading →


On Loneliness

“Through this short journey of mine, I have understood a thing or two about life, or maybe part of what certain things mean, for one must know that a feeling or an action is but a glimpse of an idea... Continue Reading →

Strings of Time 

You played with the strings of time with the grace of your fingers dancing with a pen. The pages come to life as with each stroke, ink is poured in such a way that the words became a piece of... Continue Reading →

It Happens.

Good evening everyone. So, i know I've been slacking for a few days. I have no excuse. I think it was just something between myself and I. I've been collecting my thoughts these days, trying to set my head and... Continue Reading →

Appreciation Post. 

Hello everyone! (This is not a book review). In the midst of reading several books at a time, or even none, sometimes i just take a break and retreat to a wonderful E.A.P classic.  Edgar Allan Poe has been my... Continue Reading →

Hollow Home

​Knock on the door once, twice, thrice Listen to the echoes inside bouncing back the silence Of a thousand words left lingering behind in the hollowness. With a heavy heart you will turn and leave Behind all the broken memories. ... Continue Reading →

Sound of Silence- Disturbed

Hello everyone! So tonight, sadly for me, i won't be able to publish anything. Sleep is overcoming my senses, and i'm not able to focus for a milisecond to write a word.  Sometimes busy days just overwhelm us so much... Continue Reading →


​Remember, Remember A moment back in September, A time of falling leaves And hibernating trees. A moment when the Earth becomes a canvas Embodied in an ocean of formidable beauty Of wonders gleaming through the diversity Of the natural colors... Continue Reading →

I Keep Waiting

Drip…Drip…Drip… I heard the droplets of water drip down, one by one. A time lapse of a second between each. I didn’t move. I barely breathed…slowly. Calmly. I couldn’t catch up with the pace of the dripping. It was really... Continue Reading →

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