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Let go of the chains that bind you, and wander till you fall into your grave.


March 2015

Under The Same Sun- Scorpions Note: Today, i would like you to contemplate over this beautiful song for the band "Scorpions". This song sheds light over our humanity. It is just beautiful. This song tells us that we all belong with and to each... Continue Reading →


Reality of a Lonely Soul

     Living in a world where people don’t understand the way you think or feel is difficult. They don’t understand not because you’re such a complex human being, no. It’s because you decide to be so closed up to... Continue Reading →

Mama Said- Metallica   Note: I am sorry for posting so much music over my Blog, but sometimes when i listen to some songs, i just feel like sharing them with you guys! Anyway, this is not my point. This song sung... Continue Reading →

Illusion of a Lifetime

Once upon a time, there never was humanity-only the illusion of it. Once upon a time, war reigned, and it still does. Hate thrives, and love fails. Human life is measured by fellow humans. A life has become worth nothing... Continue Reading →

The Day That Never Comes- Metallica   Note:This is one of my favorite songs for the band Metallica. It doesn't just include amazing lyrics, but also beautiful pure rock music. it even ends with a long guitar solo, accompanied by the drums. Truly beautiful. I... Continue Reading →

Nothing Else Matters-Apocalyptica   Note: If you don't like listening to Cellos, this piece of music will change your mind. Apocalyptica plays an acoustic version of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters". Only music, no lyrics. Trust me on this one. 


          I feel like my heart is being pulled out of my chest. Do you know how that feels?           It feels as if something is deliberately piercing through your chest, and mercilessly squeezing your heart.... Continue Reading →

Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd   Pink Floyd lover or not, this piece of music is just beautiful and relaxing. The lyrics are beyond amazing, well for me they are...I hope you enjoy it just as much as i always do! 

    A Beat for Life

I am here. I exist. I am not black, nor am I white. I look at myself, and I notice I am not tanned or yellow either. I do not speak with an accent. In fact, I don’t speak at... Continue Reading →

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