I walked through the night, but my feet couldn’t hold me anymore. My pain was too overwhelming. Life didn’t turn out to be as beautiful as I’d imagined. I was shattered, destroyed, and neglected. My mind was a whirlwind of emotional pain and destructive thoughts. Beauty seemed to have left my eyes, and I was blinded. I couldn’t handle this anymore. I could feel the wind blow my sanity down, thought by thought, hope by hope, and clarity by clarity. I collapsed on the ground and lied back on the wall. I was lost in a world I thought was mine. I was unfamiliar in a realm I had built with my own hands. It is all crumbling to pieces, and my heart along with it. Gravity weighed me down with every painful emotion I had forgotten existed for a while. Reality is too bitter. I closed my eyes and tried to whisk it all away with a thought that seemed unreal: “This isn’t real, it is just a dream that’ll go away.” Still, I was afraid to open my eyes because I knew the terrifying truth. Trouble didn’t seem to find me, no, much worse has happened. Destruction. I seemed to be the devil of my world. I was the evil that lurked within every thought and action. I existed only to serve my own destruction. I shook my head, trying to let the thoughts leave my mind, but the storm is merely here, and it is determined to do its job-destroy all that is left of me. What is even left of me? My soul? It is sold. My life? It has been destroyed. My kingdom of my pride and wonders? It has been torn down. My heart? The pieces have been blown away, scattered, with the winds of my catching up past. It isn’t raining here anymore. It is hailing with the power of invading my very being. The thunders sounded loud and clear in my ears. What I feared is here. The blizzard has taken over. The war has finally been won, but not by me. No, but by the enemy I feared most-myself. I was my own storm. I am everything I had feared. I am no more than the fog that blinded me.  The tempest has finally won. The worse side of me has taken over. The damage was done. The storm moved on, but I remained stuck at where I’ve been left. I was all alone. I didn’t even have myself to lean on to be rescued. I was broken. The tempest had prevailed over my sane mind.