“I am a human being. I am not a shadow. I exist, and I demand to be heard. I hear of an unusual word-freedom-being spoken. I see people fighting for it, and in the name of it. Freedom. It is such a distant feeling, yet the moment it is spoken it brings a non-existent peace to our minds. Can you feel it yet? No? That is because it has been taken away from us by sealing our lips because of intolerance, unacceptance, and obsessive political control.”

    “I am a human being, and I exist. I demand to be heard. I walk on this planet and it is my home; don’t you take that away from me. Let me be free, let me speak what is on my mind. What is on my mind is an idea, and this idea will live on whether I die or not. As V in V for Vendetta said, “There, did you think to kill me? There’s no flesh or blood within this cloak to kill. There’s only an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.” _ (Moore, 1989, 236). As long as your heart is beating, and you are able to speak up, you have absolutely no excuse not to.”

Note: These two paragraphs are both an introduction and a conclusion to an argumentative essay i had to write about anything i felt strongly about. I chose to write about freedom of speech, and those are my views about it. I support it to the end.