When we speak about outcasts, we are not always completely honest. We write about what everyone would accept. We write about a sad truth, but we do not reveal the tragic cause behind it.

            I have always believed that we are what we think, and not what we say. That is our largest problem. Our real thoughts are dark, hidden in a black box waiting to be dusted off. It has been piled upon by typical traditions and brainwashed thoughts. We walk around thinking we know it all. Do we though? We just keep the real thoughts – our own truth- behind sealed doors of our rusted minds. We are afraid. We are terrified. We are cowards. We are too weak to allow those to enter our minds, to become our reality. We have thrown them out carelessly. We have been convinced that outcasts are those of different races. We have been taught that other nations are inferior. We have been manipulated into thinking that the untouchables are those sitting like outcasts by the side of the road trying to make a living out of the simple element of nothing. We have been raised in a world where compassion was weakness, and thinking about kindness made us lesser humans. We grew in a fantasy world where men think in one way, and show what they feel in another, simply because men are supposed to be “tough”! Our society taught us that it is not okay to help the “lesser humans”, that outcasts must remain so, and that other races are slaves. Slaves? Yes, slaves to our abusing human nature with words and labels.

            Now I ask myself. Who are outcasts? What are outcasts? We are? No. our thoughts are the real outcasts, for they have been thrown away. They have been neglected. They have been rotting alone for generations. We have forgotten our reality. We have forgotten that we can think for ourselves. We have become prisoners in a mind that does not belong to us.

           A mind that has made the essence of our core an outcast…

Photo by me

Note: This was originally an assignment about outcasts, and at the moment I wasn’t honest with what I had written for the assignment. Then, I decided I needed to speak my mind, and I ended up writing this instead. I hope you agree…