Once upon a time, there never was humanity-only the illusion of it. Once upon a time, war reigned, and it still does. Hate thrives, and love fails. Human life is measured by fellow humans. A life has become worth nothing more than a bullet. We have failed our purpose in life, and that is love and acceptance. We have failed our world. We have allowed darkness to creep into our safe haven. We have allowed evil to take over our minds, and let us kill in the name of the purest of our beliefs. We have succumbed to the fact that our only way of living this life is through greed and terrorism.

    Still, people speak of peace and humanity. People speak. People kill. People speak more, and people kill even more. All we’ve done is sit on the borderline and watch as our world withers and falls into the hands of the unworthy. Even we, the innocents, have become unworthy. We speak of taking a stand, and fighting against such terror, yet we stay seated, and keep our lips sealed. We are afraid. We are terrified. We do not have the courage to forget that we have a comfort zone, and remind the world of the peace we all dream of. Yet again, we vote for those who have corrupted our nations, and have led our lives into doom. They have left us to fight and spill blood, and watch blood be spilled, while they sit behind closed doors. Always safe.

     We watch as we sink in the rivers of blood, hate, sadness, loss, betrayal. All for what? All in vain my friends. All for nothing. Our life has become worth nothing, when it deserves to be worth everything. Where has our intentions to fight back gone off to? Where have we buried it? No, we aren’t afraid. We aren’t cowards. We shouldn’t be. We need to crawl back out of this madness we have led ourselves into, and dig out our spirits and souls and give them the life they deserve again.

      We mustn’t let those who fear us keep us quiet. We mustn’t fear those who cower into the shadows the moment we speak up. I do not speak of a war that inspires killing. I speak of a riot that inspires the people to encourage good. I speak of the illusion that must turn into a reality. I speak of a day when paper and pen will rule, for it is more powerful than guns and bullets. I speak, no I write, of a war that’ll give justice to this burdened world. I write of restoring what belongs to the earth. People-the unworthy- only kill whom they fear. No one attacks without a threat. Let us not give them this threat. Let them fear us in peace. Let them know that our ink is far greater than their loads of bombs. Let us show them that our words shoot far well than their guns. Let them understand that the right words will pierce them far greater than their bullets. Let them never forget in their lifetime that the pen aims, shoots, and never misses.

       Once upon a time, we spoke of humanity. Once upon a time, we dreamed of a world where terrorism ended. Once upon a time, we lived. Once upon a time, a life was priceless. Once upon a time, our world, which we owe it peace, knew of calmness and serenity. Once upon a time, this never happened, and it never will. We speak. I write, as do many others. This is where our power reaches the most…for now. To let out the word to the world. To show others that some are ready to speak up. The rest lies in those who truly have the power to change. The rest lies in the hands of people who are able to change words into reality. Who will listen to my screams? Who will pay attention to the sufferings of the world? Let us not be chained by those who fear us. Let us not be put down to our knees because of our fears.

                            Once upon a time, the illusion became reality…


Note: I wrote this when the Charlie Hebdo shooting happened. See, it wasn’t about the people themselves, but more of what they represented-freedom of speech. Satire is one of the greatest sect of freedom of speech.  What the shooters threatened was our freedom and rights as humans. We should never remain calm about such situations. We should speak up, and show them that we’ll forever stay united.