Note: English subtitles are in the video. 

Note: Yesterday, i heard this song for maybe the first time in years. Every Lebanese child grew up listening to this revolutionary song that came out in the year 2000. This song speaks of hope to end war and hunger,and to abolish racism. She sings for a world where we are brothers in humanity. This song, sung by the amazing icon Carole Samaha  (who in my opinion-if it even counts-, perfected this song with her amazing voice), was orchestrated by Osama Rahbany. a descendant of one of the greatest families that contributed greatly in Lebanese music during its revolutionary era- the Rahbany family.

Why am i using such a song at this moment? No moment is inconvenient for such a topic to be highlighted. No day should pass without having at least someone care to think that our world is at the brink of falling apart. No beautiful thing lasts unless we care for it. We can’t be ignorant forever. We can’t always stand still as events unfold in front of our eyes. We should stop pretending like we can’t make a certain difference, no matter how small. I will leave you now to enjoy the beauty of this song.