There’s one definition I would ever think of giving art. I will not state it into an obvious void, for it will lose its importance of this definition.

    See, art helps man see the world for what it was meant to be. It isn’t simple or complex; it really just is itself. It looks beyond who a man is. It looks at what a man is made of. It digs deep into his mind. It lingers somewhere between his sanity and insanity because a man’s truth lies on that thin fragile line that separates these two spectrum of human minds.

     For these reasons, art allows man to be himself. It brings him strength to forget his fears of insecurity and  let out every single thought he’s ever had, may it be through a brush on canvas, ink on paper, music through instruments, movements of body,  or even a perspective through a lens.

    Yes, art gives man the will to forge himself into what he truly is without boundaries. It allows his mind to dream and wander. It allows him to think widely. Art knows rules that are set into a chaotic pattern. It is like the musical notes of an orchestra. Through an untrained eye, it may seem like nothing makes sense. It is as though no note matches well with another. It would make an ignorant person think it is useless, when in reality every note mingles together to make what an inexplicably beautiful sound of music.

    I’m not implying that Art’s definition is music, or even beauty. No. it is beyond that. Its true definition is every man’s dream and desire. I have only stated that Art could be compared to the flawlessness of music when an appreciative eye looks and sees, and when an accepting ear listens and hears.

     Art defies the odds of this world’s horrors. It gives man his humanity. It humbles. It does not weaken. It grants beauty, but it is not beauty itself. It sometimes is ugly with its truth, but it’s not ugly itself. It allows truth into this world of loss and confusion, but it’s not truth itself. Maybe it’s close to that.  Art is our outlook on the world. Art is what allows us to express our inner deepest darkest thoughts. Art is what helps us breathe when we’re drowning. Art is more than just twisting thoughts and turbulent feelings; it is what this world should be. It is what every man should be, what every man is, but does not realize it.

      Art is never chains…Art is…it just is…I’ll let you dwell on that thought for a while.