Soulful Thoughts

Let go of the chains that bind you, and wander till you fall into your grave.


September 2016

Life of Blessings

 Sometimes, we sit for hours on our couches or beds wondering about where life has taken us. Here is a question for you though: Is it really life which has gotten you to this point, or has is always been... Continue Reading →


Peace of Our Time?  Note: Good evening people of the world. I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! I certainly have. As per tradition, which i know I've broken over the past few times, I am posting a new music video. Zombie, a... Continue Reading →

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to ashes. From dust to dust; as life is given, it will be taken. Death is inevitable, but life…Life is a choice. Life is never a contained definition. It exists in a manner of certain faith and an undeniable... Continue Reading →


  We all describe loneliness as if it were a being which inhabits our souls. Is it?   In my mind, loneliness is a perspective of thought; it is a certain state in which we find ourselves. It isn’t a... Continue Reading →

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