We all describe loneliness as if it were a being which inhabits our souls. Is it?

  In my mind, loneliness is a perspective of thought; it is a certain state in which we find ourselves. It isn’t a contained feeling. It just exists as an alternative of what is missing, only to make us feel as if a void has been filled by this strange being.

  This cohabiting unwanted being lingers and becomes a part of you. It becomes the tobacco you don’t need, but you keep smoking anyway, feeding on the essence of your happiness. It is the mistress that lingers in the shadows of the night. It seduces your mind and dwells in your thoughts. It plays on the strings faith, and blurs the thin line of reality- considering it still exists in your dictionary. It’s been abolished by the Loneliness, alleviating sense of stability to the ground.

  Loneliness is just another trick of life. An imaginary key-powerful nonetheless- which we use to lock pain out. It is an excuse to willingly close the door of reality. It is a liability in this life of ours-the easy way out. Eventually it creates a new version of you-the illusion of you.

  Your hibernating soul is the victim, rotting away with every emotion left behind in order to nurture Loneliness. What will it do to you? What has it ever done to you? It’s kept you from existing in a life you don’t even understand because you never cared to think. What a wonderful thing it is to exist. What a beautiful thought to think that even when alone, you are not. It is but a state of mind. Loneliness is just another magic trick that distorts natural being of actually being.

  It will not fill the emptiness in you, for it is the emptiness within you-the absence of being.

What are your thoughts..?