NoteGood evening people of the world. I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! I certainly have.
As per tradition, which i know I’ve broken over the past few times, I am posting a new music video. Zombie, a song sung by the Irish band, The Cranberries. Also, as always, i have something to say about it.
This song is a widely known song, yet little do people know that it speaks of the Irish revolution, the constancy of killing, and the enslavement of human free will.
Why do i speak of this now? It is a topic i always speak of in fact. It is a topic that haunts us still. This is why this song is still relevant. How many times a day do we stop and think of how many children die during the present wars? Have not had enough? I thank God that i don’t see this with my own eyes, and that i haven’t experienced it myself even though war did strike my country during my lifetime. It was far from my area though. However, this doesn’t stop me from sending a prayer towards the people who are living under constant war and oppression, especially those that are not covered by mainstream media just because they are not big enough of a country (in importance of course). Have you heard about the suicide bombing in Thailand? How about the killings done by Boko Haram in African countries, mainly Nigeria? How about the revolutions that are breaking out in Ethiopia?  What about the drastic Civil War going on in Congo? In some nations, UN  aids have been drawn or suspended due to the massively horrible security threats. You wouldn’t know because it isn’t America, or any part of Europe that is relevant to the greater media. It isn’t as big of news as Britain retreating from the EU, or not as important as the suicide bombings in France. It isn’t as great as the historic 9/11. It isn’t as if thousands of people die each day in Syrian lands, and refugee camps! It’s not as if enough African people all over the continent are dying of starvation as a result of these wars!
War has become a way of life for so many people. Don’t you convince yourselves that you are living in a time of peace. Don’t you , for one second, believe no one is dying in the name of nation and revolutions. War exists still. Enslavement of the human mind is ongoing. Open your eyes. Realize where the world has gotten to. This Earth is desperate for our attention. The human life is dying every day, but it still screams for our aid to help it survive one more day. So many haven’t seen the sun rise to see it set. They hope to live for one more day.
I hope that i have given something to think about today. Have a wonderful evening people of the world.