Sometimes, we sit for hours on our couches or beds wondering about where life has taken us. Here is a question for you though: Is it really life which has gotten you to this point, or has is always been your own doings? See, we always form a distinction between our actions and the given things which happen in life. Little do we realize that the given things in Life are actually our blessings-the good parts that inevitably happen to us.

     You might wonder what exactly? I’m not mad in saying so, trust me. Friendships, for example. I am sure you are thinking of every bad friendship you have ever made. Think again though. Are they truly bad friendships? Were you the one who formed these friendships in the first place? Friendship is merely an encounter in certain situations. You meet once and twice, small talk turns into full conversations, you begin to agree more than you disagree, and eventually what was a coincidence turns into a friendship. A given blessing in life. Whether it turned out good or bad, you have gained something from it. Good or bad simply depends on perspective, and it hangs on the ropes of how you handled the outcome.

     How about family situations? A death incident, a divorce, a severe financial situation, or any other matter which has had a direct effect on you. You’d look at them as if they were the worst things that could ever happen in your life. You’d begin to think you could have done more to prevent these situations. You’d also think that they have been imposed on you. Have they though? Being a part of a family to begin with, is a blessing. Family is the first and last support you’ll ever have. How you build this family is entirely up to you, not life. See where I am going with this?

     Life usually offers you the easiest things in life. The givens. The things that you actually have a choice in. Life never imposes a situation on you. You are the one who attracts the so called negatives and positives. I’m no innocent person in this whole thing myself, but I am trying to gain perspective. It’s all like history in fact. There is no right and wrong point of view. There is no accurate and inaccurate history, just different perspectives of thought!

     You might not agree with what I am saying, but here is another thought. You have a home and a family. Your spouse loves you. Your children are great at what they do. Your siblings stay in touch. You parents are elsewhere enjoying their vacation. What else would you need in life?  Nothing really. Your job is perfect. Whether you love it or not, it has been your choice to stay in it this long. You can’t accept a good life because in the back of your mind you are thinking “Where’s the catch?” Let me tell you something. There is no catch. Just be happy and thankful. Enjoy every moment. Nothing has to be so difficult. Life is never and never will be difficult. The way you treat this life is what makes it so intolerable. Why can’t you just accept a certain down fall? It may be for the best. As ‘they’ say, as one door closes, another one opens. It’s a matter of patience and persistence. You’ve been fired from one job? A hundred others await your arrival. You’ve had a fight with your loved one? Drop that pride. It gets you nowhere. Tell them you were wrong, but so were they. Be honest, but don’t push them away. If you part, it could also be for the best.

     As I keep mentioning…It is always a matter of perspective, and how you handle the matters. Life will always offer you blessings if you choose to see them. Accept these gifts as they are, and remember life keeps getting better. Your job is to get a new perspective of thought- a new attitude towards your own way of life. It’ll always be your choice.

     Here’s my challenge for you dear friend. Take control.