Good evening people of the world. Well, it is quite past midnight over here. I realize i haven’t been active here for quite some time, but trust me, i’m back. Sometimes, setbacks happen beyond one’s control, but now i’m feeling more inspired with a bigger mind and a wider vision. These things are inevitable when one sets goals and is determined to fulfill each goal one way or another. Recently, i have been giving up, which is not of my nature, but now i’m standing back up, with goals set in mind, and determination to put me back on track. Experiences in life truly do teach us lessons we didn’t know we were learning until it is over, and you come out a better and more mature person, and no matter how good or bad, we still made it through, and that’s a major plus. 
     So, i would like to say two things, i am back, and i will be trying to post every now and then something new. Secondly, i would like to say that writing a book has been on my mind for months, but i am still skeptic on the idea. I have always wanted to write a book, being a bookworm myself.. so what do you think?