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There are truly many ways one can look at the world, Leila thought, as she sat on a branch of a tree in the park. There were days when she felt lonely and distant, but here, up on the tree, she felt like she was on top of the entire world. She felt okay, and as if the whispers of the light breeze kept her company all the time. Even though she knew that she was but a speck of dust in this endless world, she knew she mattered to this earth. She felt one with this world when she was away from the hustle and the noise.

Through the many ways, she decided to look at the world with curious eyes, an open heart, and a daring mind. In a world like ours, she thought, as she looked at bypassing people, who seemed to be indifferent to the beauty surrounding them, there lacked life, imagination, compassion…humanity. She remembered her time with her friends, how everyone seemed so fearful to be different-to think for his own, and on his own. How things have changed. How people became dimmer, and fader, as they blended with an invisible flow of the world’s unitary society.

They try to seem different, but Leila could see the fear in their eyes. “What would people think if I did this, or if I did that?” she felt their thoughts scream into her own mind. It seemed ridiculous. It sounded tiring. How could one truly live, if he was blinded by an illusionary standard in his life? How could he be human, if he had no personality of his own? How could he survive, without curiosity killing his dull mind?

The world is becoming dull. She felt lonely in this world. She yearned for a conversation that excluded routine, and included thoughts and imagination. She yearned for people to be humane again. Everyone is indifferent. They walk without any real destination. Leila could see how empty their eyes have become, void of excitement and life. She sighed, as her mind tried to grasp where people have gotten to.

People have become stuck in the past. Their grasp of reality was hazy, maybe a distant thought? Leila questioned what reality truly was. Was she living reality, or was she the one escaping reality? It is such a complex concept for the human mind…or is it? Leila did not think so. She concluded that accepting what the world was, but standing up for the world, was reality. Losing touch of reality, is quite equivalent to losing touch to our humanity. Was it not? If one does not accept the world as is, how will one come to terms with oneself to begin with? That is the way of the world, Leila admitted to herself. Those who love life, and accept the reality of things, or those who live their lives circling around the truth, but never getting to it.

What a sad thought it was. People were lost that way, people pretended to be alive because of that. How different the world would be if more people decided to live every day, rather than lose themselves in a programmed system that turned them into hollow hosts.

As the sun set, Leila breathed in the last breeze of the day, captured the moment in her eyes, and jumped back into the world with a few last words:

“In an advanced world, humans are losing touch of reality, they are moving backwards, disappearing into the past…” she spoke out quietly, out of frustration.


Note: Good evening!! As promised, here is a new post. Hopefully, more will be flowing in the next few weeks. I wrote this whilst studying. Exam weeks are almost over for the semester!! I hope this post does not let you down. I am a little rusty, but i will get back on track as soon as possible, i promise. I  must say, it is quite a relief to be writing again. It is my favorite way of letting out frustration, stress, and every other emotion or thought going on. I truly hope it is the same with you all. Have a great read, and a wonderful day/evening. Your’s Truly..