Photo taken by me…Enjoying the arrival of the night

Have you ever just sat outside, on your balcony or in your garden at night, and just truly relaxed? You drown out the hustle of passing vehicles around you, and it becomes absolutely mute. The music of the night sets into your ears like the most nurturing harmony you have ever heard. The sound of the crickets in the background as they play their symphonies with their wings, while the wolves respond back with their distant howls that sound so majestic during the still night.
The stars become the canvas, on which you watch time stand still as you fall deep into its trance. It brings your mind back to life from the dullness of the day. It brings out the thoughts that are always hidden deep within you, and the questions you keep asking yourself-which you know have no true meaning in our universe. Ah…the universe. What a place. Irrelevant of time and space, but never of your existence, for you are alive because of it. It makes you wonder about this type of existence-about how It has shaped and molded you into the being that you are today. How wonderful it is.
Such nights, through the winds that speak to you through the rustling of the leaves, growls through the mighty trees, and playfully seduces you as they sway through your hair, your spirit finally feels alive, as you let it feel the kind of beauty the night could bring along with its darkest light, as the moon shines its rays onto your soul illuminating your very being.
“How wonderful it is to be alive” would be your thoughts, as you feel timeless in a world revolving around time, and ageless, as you let your soul guide you, and not your physical body. You are no longer the host inhabiting skin and bones, that seem meaningless to you at that moment, but instead, you feel like you are part of something bigger, part of a universe that makes you feel more than just another human among people who don’t seem to see you even when they’re talking to you. The universe allows you to be the being that has always yearned for freedom from the limits of the physical body.
It allows you to self-heal, to think, to wonder and ponder, to question and find answers whilst raising more complex questions. It allows your mind to just break loose into its genius.
That is the secret of the night. It appears when you stop looking and doubting its existence. It creeps into you when you least expect it, but you’ll accept it and welcome it with hunger and lust, waiting for it to unveil and reveal the secrets of you…

Note: Good evening everyone! Again, it is quite past midnight. It’s become quite a pattern for me to post so late at night, but that is the time i get time for myself, and only for myself, when i allow my mind to think freely. As is stated in what i have written, it is quite a secret hidden in the night that allows me to feel so peaceful to be able to write and think so clearly. I hope you enjoyed the read… More will be coming! Thank you !