Sunsets & Thoughts

Tonight I will be writing with my own voice-by that I mean, as myself.
I have a few thoughts on my mind that I need to let out, and where better than in writing? You are a community who understands that sometimes, we get to a place where there are thoughts that are literally screaming in our minds, keeping us from sleeping at night, and this causes us to sometimes feel like we can’t write anything but those feelings! Well, this is the situation I am in.
                I will not bore you with details about what is going on, or what went on, but I will pass on a few thoughts that keep me on my feet during the times I feel like the grounds are shaky, and there is no stable place to place my feet.
                First, and foremost, I believe in myself, and in what I can do, for if I don’t, I will lose the respect of others, and I will lose motivation, and i would eventually fall into the inevitable-failure.
                Secondly, I got rid of an old habit, which i admit, still haunts me at times, which is to close up on myself. I figured, talking to someone close would give you a greater chance of digging a way up. That someone could give you a new perspective on how to deal with certain people in certain situations, or they could simply give you the luxury of listening to your troubles-the biggest stress relief.
                Thirdly, do not, under and circumstances, panic at any bad news. This certainly gives you an upper hand on handling news and bad situations the right way. It keeps you mind clear of doubt, and filled with confidence that you are able to get past the situation.                  Fourth step is to try and not worry. What has happened has happened, and what would come next is an inevitable reaction to your initial actions, and therefore, worrying is quite unnecessary, and clouds every judgement you need to make. So I suggest, you step up and challenge yourself into being better than sitting around and doing nothing except worrying.
                A fifth step is lay out every possible outcome, the good and the bad. I usually prepare myself for any situation possible that would work for the better, or any situation that would counter what I have worked for. Therefore, plans b’s and c’s are more important than you think!
                A sixth step is to truly never give up. I try to keep myself determined, even if I have fallen into my mood swings and depressed situations. If I can’t pick myself up, who would? Be your own best friend, and your own stable grounds to stand on, because sometimes, all you have is yourself, and what you make out of that is what counts.
               Keep yourself strong even if there is nothing to lean on. Fall into the void, but land on your feet as gracefully as a cat would. Life goes on, so should you.