Branches of the Cedars. Photographs are all taken by me. Happy Sunday!

      Today, i am feeling quite inspired to write something new…I am starting to feel like i am getting back on track with putting words on paper, or screen, or whichever method one uses to write. It is true that writing never really leaves you, you’re the one who shuts this gift off. What a waste really, to be the one to turn away, or decide that this is not for you. 
     I think what we really do, and what it is what i did, is that we decide to shut off our creative sides, the one that tells us to live out of the ordinary routines, and stabilize in a world that calls out for instability-a point not everyone decides to see. We tame our minds, so to speak.
     We cannot deny that writers, especially the great ones, which i hope i would be one day, has a spark of insanity within them, that if tamed, they’s be killing themselves in the world of living. They become sleep walking, and that is exactly what we become when we decide that writing isn’t for us, that reading is unnatural in this society. That would be our fear speaking, and not our true selves. 
     Don’t stop writing out of fear of people’s opinions, or because you feel you’re not worthy. People’s opinions won’t really matter when you’re feeling good about yourself, and you become worth it when you decide that you truly are.
     What i’m saying is, i have shut this side of me quite long enough, but no more. I think you can see that through my posts this month. I gave up once, but not again. So my advice is, don’t tame that part of you, because it is all of you. i’m not saying it’s just about writing, but also about any other passion you have. 
     There’s a new post coming up later in the day today! I’m happy and satisfied no matter how small my ratings are right now, but i’m sure i’ll grow, and with your help i can be better. 
     Happy Sunday Everyone, and enjoy it! Mine has just begun, even if it’s 1:30pm !!