Photo taken by me. Sea at Sunset

I felt broken and uneasy as I made my way towards the sea-one of the few places that I could call an escape.

I just sat down by the shores of the vast seas and looked into the distance, as far as my eyes allowed me to see. It was a wonderful sight, almost magical as the moon lit up the darkness of the sea. I took a mental picture of the reflection of the starry skies on the surface of the sea, complementing the depth and mystery of a wide universe. My mood seemed to temper down slowly while the gentleness of the sea embraced me. For a moment I could feel its warmth.

At this moment, I began to forget what angered me in the first place. My mind was clearing, one impatient and angry emotion at a time. As if there was a presence that surrounded me and cleansed me of unwanted thoughts that had darkened my mind over the past days. My shoulders felt lighter for once, and my feet seemed to finally lay down on stable grounds.

I breathed in the air around me, and the freshness of the sea floated into my lungs restoring some life into them. I felt, for once in a long time, relaxed and liberated of a miserable self, a self that I knew didn’t belong in this body. My presence here was all the therapy I needed.

I stood up and walked over to the waters, where the sea kissed the sands with its gentle waves. As the tides came back and forth I closed my eyes and simply listened to the sound of the sea. It worked like an orchestra. I could hear the waves forming as one is crashing. I could hear the sound of the pebbles rolling under the waves as the tides forth and pulled backwards. I could hear the distant turbulence of the sea as the winds caressed its surface.

It was harmonious enough to piece back every broken part of my soul, and finally i felt home here, in this place, at this moment, and with myself.