Photo by me. Lights from afar.

It was 7pm. She opened the door and hurriedly went into her house. It was on the 10th floor in the city. She never really liked living in the city, but her job forced her to move right into the heart of it. She decided to take a high apartment to keep away from the hustle, and one where she could enjoy the view of the twinkling lights at night.
Today she was later than usual, but sometimes work just never ends. She was an editor, and therefore, she had to make sure she had everything right down to perfection. She loved her job, but sometimes, she longed for some vacation.
She ignored the fact that she was hungry, and went on to pour a glass of whiskey for herself. That usually helped her ease the tensions of the day, and for a Friday night…It was all the vacation she could get. She didn’t fall into her usual routine of movie night and some comfort food. Instead, she grabbed a chair and put it outside. Went back in, grabbed the whole bottle of alcohol and just sat outside enjoying the night.
She had missed the sunset, which is her favorite part of the day, but the city lights contradicting the starry nights would do. Even though she usually enjoyed the silence, when she sat outside and listened to the hustle of the city, it made her smile. It even soothed her at times. It made her feel like she was a little grain in the sand, but also a part of something much bigger.
To the contrary of what she usually does, she decided to look down at the streets that seemed to sound like a distant haze from up where she lived. It was a quite comforting sound…not too loud, and not too quiet. It made the city a little more tolerable.

The neighborhood she lived in didn’t have many cars passing by, only the usual residents, someone lost, taxis dropping off her neighbors whom she either have never met, or those who barely say hello to her, or the little traffic when people want to escape traffic jams.
That’s the funny thing about cities, she thought. Barley anyone recognizes anyone, and your friends aren’t an entire neighborhood. It was much more complex, but also simplified, where you knew exactly who your friends were, and who were the definite opposite. She felt quite satisfied about her life here, even though she never imagined she would ever live in a place like this.
Being away from her hometown, she lived for moments like these, standing outside, sipping on a bottle of whiskey, and enjoying the noise of a city.

However, she thought, there’s always a sort of magic she never understood in cities, but enjoyed nonetheless. There was always someone’s voice singing in an apartment that echoed into her ears, combined with someone practicing his violin skills, or better yet showing off his talent in playing the saxophone- which was her favorite in fact.

Sometimes there was a light music of blues embracing the night, especially when it was late into the night. It was really wonderful. It allowed her to drown out the noise of the cars, and in its place she listened to these sounds with her beloved drink in her hand.
The music made the movements under her building seem like an extract from a movie, or maybe it was just the alcohol begin to kick in…nevertheless she enjoyed this newly-found hobby of watching down on the movement of the people. Someone was kissing someone goodbye, elderly people strolling down the street hand in hand, a woman screaming at someone else through her phone…It all seemed…nice. Wonderful and magical to watch as the city lights shone like stars down on people.
With alcohol in her system, she felt a little better about everything. She forgot the overloaded work, and simply enjoyed the simplicity the city-life could offer.
She sat back down and poured her final glass, spoke out a little toast to the city, and drowned into the charm of the final hours of the city’s night…