Hike once. Get attached forever. Especially when you are a nature lover. 
It’s actually one of my favorite hobbies,even though i don’t get to go as much as i’d like..

However, hikes are teachers within themselves, that is if you really want to learn. One of my favorite lessons is one we always read about, but unless its actually done will one understand its importance and relevance. It goes like “It’s not about the destination as much as it is about the road.” 

See, whether we admit or not, destinations are goals, but goals are never-ending, and therefore we are on a constant move from one goal to another. On this road, much like a trail, it’s rocky, smoothe, ups and downs, sometimes we fall, other times we make leaps of faith to get from one place to another…Sounds a lot like life itself doesn’t it? 

When the destination is reached, we feel good with adrenaline pumping, but we knoe it’s not the end. Why? We want more. Just like life-long goals. Achievment deags along other challenges and greater achievements. 

No matter how rocky the road seems, it always leads somewhere. Even though it’s not the destination we wanted, but it opens greater roads ahead for better places to go. 

And finally, my favorite thing is the constant move, where no matter what the hardship is, we think critically and keep pushing forward till we find our way. 

Therefore, hikes aren’t just hobbies, but rather life-long lessons that we keep with us forever. 

And now, i shall retreat to a book or two as i drift into sleep…its been a wonderful day, and if i have to give you a piece of advice, just go out there, drench yourselves in the sun and the wonders this world has to offer while you still can..

(I wanted to post a picture, but it just wouldn’t upload 😐)