Hello everyone. It’s quite past midnight as i’m writing. 

I am feeling a bit frustrated with myself as i am not able to publish something new at the moment. It doesn’t mean im not writing something new, but it just means its coming slower than usual. 

With time, one discovers that a little bit too many emotions in one’s heart, and a bit too many thoughts swirling in one’s mind, the process of writing is slower. Don’t get me wrong. The final product is even better than normal days, but placing the thoughts one after the other in a perfect organization is the difficult part. 

That is why sometimes we tap into our madness, which knows how to make art out of chaos. 

That is why we become a little distant, as we’d rather the calmness when our minds are speaking a tone too loud. 

I don’t know about you, but that is where i find my comfort zone more times than none. 

With the help of music, energy from nature and retreats, isolation, a bit of a flipped mind, and some emotions mixed with random thoughts thrown here and there, do i write something i am satisfied with. 

It allows me to breathe when i feel a bit distant. Same goes to when i read a good book, which allows me to fall into a reality different than mine-a reality of deeper imagination and greater creativity. This somehow helps me to tap into my inner self and extract new thoughts to put on paper.

I wonder if it is the same with anyone else…

For now, i will put my laptop and papers aside as i drift along with my soft blues and dive into some calmness in this eerily quiet night.. 

I hope you have a wonderful day or night.