The soft blues were playing in the background as I looked out the window, and into the distant void of a restless night. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought a little bit of music and a warm drink would do the job. 

They did not. 

I dreaded sleepless nights, for they deprive me of my warm bed, and an escape into an alternate reality-one I’d rather live in nowadays, where everything was a little better. Even a worst nightmare would end. 

The wind swept into the room with such grace, that it made the curtains dance around to the wonderful sound of the blues. This is what made the night slightly more tolerable. I watched the curtains come and go, and swirl to life with every turn. For a moment, they looked like breathing beings. 

As the winds brushed through my hair, I heard the whispers of the night talk to me. It gave me shivers, as the voices sounded like hisses in my ears. It was unpleasant, but it drew me in nonetheless. 

Sleepless child, come into my embrace

Let me crawl under your skin

And tap into the darkness you’ve hidden within

    I’ll breathe into your hibernating mind

And open your eyes that have long been blind

I’ll remind you of who you are

A being that have wandered too far

Into a home that belonged not to your host

One that tortured your nature into becoming a walking ghost

I’ll place my hand on your heart

And make it beat to the rhythm of my art

A music of distant drums and hums

Which beat for a lost soul which succumbs

To the dullness of a world that knows no mercy

A beat that will lure a soul that won’t agree to bury 

Herself within the demise of a forgotten earth

But rather an innate need of a rebirth

Into the arms of a soulful night

Which in her embrace you finally might

Find solace and blissful sleep

And as you sleep, I awaken your truth

One that will spark your spirits back to life

And dance with the me again 

As I free you from your silent weeps 

And guide you back into my embrace.

The unpleasant hisses slowly turned into soothing voices that became distant within a second’s time.  I made my way back to bed, as the soft blues fell into the background of my mind, and I slowly, but surely, drifted off to sleep.