​I stumbled upon a path that seemed to be a part

Of a memory existing in a mind that was an outcast

Within itself as it tried to wither into a past 

That wouldn’t accept to tame an insanity

Which was nurtured by a turmoil of ambiguity,

A past that clouded the brightest of eyes

And drowned a soul into its demise

That couldn’t calm down the fires within

Turning my spirits into ashes that hid behind a skin

That harbored a storm that belonged not

In a body that was tied down by a knot

Which imprisoned me in a mad mind

At the mercy of Time that would forever bind

My mortal being to its immortal existence.

Time had captured me with its claws

And bound me to a reality 

That seemed to complement the lunacy 

Inside my mind that barely recognized itself anymore

And retreated behind a closed door

Acting as an armor against Time itself

Leaving me hanging with the shattered pieces

That was once my whole 

Before I had stumbled over this unwanted path.