​Echoes of their voices linger in my head

Calling out for me to lend them a hand

But without a second thought I had turned

And their souls in fire, they burned.

To such a devastating situation

I heed no real attention

For I am made of stone

And they, of bone.

They break with a slight word of silence

And handle not the violence

Of a sudden storm of reality

In a world that shows nothing less than cruelty

To men that show some mercy

And women who love kindly.

To children who hold some innocence

It will pry this childhood out of existence

And throw it into the flames that lust

For the taste of the wine that they thrust

Out of their screams of agony to be saved

Back into the world that laid

Their faiths in the hands of this destiny

And into my arms that hold no care

Of lives that have given into despair

Because of their goodness in a world that deserves not

To be treated as such.

And so I carelessly step over their ashes

That scatter and vanishes

Into yet, another prison

Which, alas, won’t let them roam free,

But rather swirl to the command 

Of an unbothered King of winds

Leading them nowhere 

But deeper into despair. 


Note: I haven’t written a poem since i was 14. I suddenly just stopped. However, recently i’ve been inspired to write poetry again. It gives me a sense of ease and puts me in a stress-free mood. It also allows me a little break as i write a short story to publish again. I hope you’re enjoying the poems. They may be rusty, but with practice and your support, i hope i’ll be back on track. Good night everyone 😊