Are you having a lazy summer day, and feeling quite guilty about it? 

So am I! Today, i just woke up feeling lazy, and all i really want to do is just lay down and enjoy a summer day at home, with some coffee, and try and not feel guilty about it. 

However, i am not someone to just sit still and do nothing. While enjoying my lazy summer day away from the heat, you’d expect me to be writing, but no. I am enjoying doing some stress-free crafts that i adore doing. I have a hobby of enjoying some crochet, or even making hand nade things and keep them around in my room. ( i should probably up my game and gi serious about this) it really is a stress-free activity. 

All i need to focus on is the count of my knots and rows. It literally takes my mind off of every thought. 

So now, i’ve stopped that, and retreating to a book and some coffee to keep the streak of my calm day going. 

Wherever you are, i hope you get some time to do this, because truly, sometime we need a vacation..even from ourselves. 

And tonight, i might be writing a new piece to publish.

Thank you for you constant support.