​Remember, Remember

A moment back in September,

A time of falling leaves

And hibernating trees.

A moment when the Earth becomes a canvas

Embodied in an ocean of formidable beauty

Of wonders gleaming through the diversity

Of the natural colors of this Earth.

The sound of their rustles

Form the symphonies of autumn’s hustles,

Overpowering the whistles of the winds,

Forming a spectacle of wonder

That even Time, it would hinder

For man to capture this moment forever

To allow their minds to uncover

The truth of a splendor that lies beneath

A time that was exiled into a belief

That a time of a great fall is held

As a symbol of undeniable death,

Yet overlooking the truth in this irony

Where in an instant living within this real imagery

Is that of life embodied in a colorful unity.