Hello everyone! So tonight, sadly for me, i won’t be able to publish anything. Sleep is overcoming my senses, and i’m not able to focus for a milisecond to write a word. 

Sometimes busy days just overwhelm us so much that they drain away our strength. Today, such a day has caught up with me. 

So i apologize! 

However, i’d like to leave you with one of my favorite songs, which has been song by many artists and bands, and so on, but i chose this band because of the passion sounding from the lead vocalist as he sings with calm and such power. This genre of music is also one of my favorites. 

I adore the song because of the lyrics most of all, because i’m sure, most of us, if not all of us relate to such a song. 

Here it is:

I hope you’ve enjoyed it guys. 

Good night!


Reference for the song: Disturbed