Hello everyone! (This is not a book review).

In the midst of reading several books at a time, or even none, sometimes i just take a break and retreat to a wonderful E.A.P classic. 

Edgar Allan Poe has been my favorite writer since i first read a short story of his. His style, genre, and fearless way of expeession leave me breathless as i read. 

I was the kid in class who once asked my teacher if we’d be reading Edgar Allan Poe in our 11th year or not, and was quite sad when i found out that we wouldn’t. 

He’s a source of imspiration for me, as well as a mindcracker when i was in school trying to understand his metaphors and his intentions of writing what he was writing. 

A true genius of his time i would say, and of our time as well. His works are timeless for me. 

I don’t know about you, but in truth, i usually say i don’t have favorites in anything, but when i speak to someone who understands my love for reading and writing i’d say that Edgar Alla poe is my ultimate favorite without even explaining why.