​Knock on the door once, twice, thrice

Listen to the echoes inside bouncing back the silence

Of a thousand words left lingering behind in the hollowness.

With a heavy heart you will turn and leave
Behind all the broken memories. 

Defeated by the denial of entry through this door 

Into a void that once held your hopes on its wall and floor,

You walked out on the bricks and stones

That you once believed to be a home.

The candles that once flickered with life and light

Are now veiled by a shade of darkness that blinds your sight

That keeps leading you further away

To leave you astray

From this house that is now shaded in gray

With only a hint of what you have left behind-

Footsteps that reflect the turbulence in your mind

By their stubborness of never fading into the past

For they hold within them a belief of your return at last

To your true self within this temple

That is embodied by the sparks that will render

Your home back to its colors of dreams

That you have so selfishly left behind

With hesitation, but without a second look,

For the curse of denial has set in the pages of the book

That holds the words to your life

Which you have thrown out with such haste

And let the storms of your troubles take a hold

Of the sacred pen dipped in the ink of your blood

Forcing the words to be forever engraved

In your mind and in your heart,

Walking you straight to a point of no return