Good evening everyone. So, i know I’ve been slacking for a few days. I have no excuse. I think it was just something between myself and I. I’ve been collecting my thoughts these days, trying to set my head and every other thing straight, but obviously, it’s not completely working, and if it is, it’s either going too slow, or i’m not seeing it. 

Anyway, we all have bad days, or a bad week, but in any case, this has gotten me to write something new. Well, bad days have a knack of getting me to write something, so that’s a positive side to look at those bad days. 

In the past few days, i have seen how blind we can be, and how certain things make us to turn our blind eye and keep going. Sometimes, taking different perspectives about certain situations is pretty good. 

At first, it would be confusing, and it would put you in such bad days, but in any case, they make you think twice about those things you’ve turned a blind eye on, and they put you in a new light to understand how things should go, and how wrong you’ve been. 

You soon find out, after the turmoil between you and yourself, that you will be okay. At the beginning it would be quite the struggle, but eventually, you’ll realize how important your decision was. 

Risks are meant to be taken in this life. Sometimes, risks, and the fear of risks, just means that we are going in a right path and doing exactly what we want. Isn’t that one of the most important things in life?

My advice? Don’t ever lose that conscience that tells you to go for whatever you really want and need in this life. It’s yours, so just take it. Fear is an enemy, don’t let it take over. 

Much love.