Born in Lebanon, raised in Africa, and returned to Lebanon in my mid-teens. I consider Africa to have been and continue to be my home. I am determined to fulfill everything I’ve set my mind to.
       Writing runs in my veins. I love to write because it makes me feel a little bit better about myself. It is the one place where i am allowed to think as i please and write as i desire. I am in control of every aspect of my thoughts, and not the other way around.
      Photography isn’t just my hobby. It’s my way of keeping every aspect of the world that i like in my bag pack.  A camera is my window to a world that exists within this world.
      Reading and listening to music are my favorite things in the world. They give me peace and serenity in a world filled with chaos. 
       Who am i? I am simple. I am someone who loves the arts that the world has to offer. I am someone who finds herself awake at 2am trying to calm her thoughts by writing them down. I am someone who desires the world not in the means of power, but in the means of belonging to every part of it. I like to learn, see, capture,write.
-Myriam Elia