Soulful Thoughts

Let go of the chains that bind you, and wander till you fall into your grave.

Of Bone

​Echoes of their voices linger in my head Calling out for me to lend them a hand But without a second thought I had turned And their souls in fire, they burned. To such a devastating situation I heed no... Continue Reading →

Spirits of Fire

I watched the twilight fade away as night began to fall. We had decided to go camping for the weekend. It was a most wonderful getaway from the world, to be with the world. I had come here with friends,... Continue Reading →

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today, on a wonderful sunny Sunday, i find myself in a wonderful situation. You'd consider the situation wonderful if you're as much of a bookworm as myself. Today, i find myself tackling not 2, but 4 books at a time.... Continue Reading →


​I stumbled upon a path that seemed to be a part Of a memory existing in a mind that was an outcast Within itself as it tried to wither into a past  That wouldn’t accept to tame an insanity Which... Continue Reading →

A Journey

    I was taken away from my mother at a very young age. You could say it was a premature time for me to leave the warm, outstretching, and safe arms of my mother.       I don’t remember... Continue Reading →


The soft blues were playing in the background as I looked out the window, and into the distant void of a restless night. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought a little bit of music and a warm drink would do... Continue Reading →

Past Midnight 

Hello everyone. It's quite past midnight as i'm writing.  I am feeling a bit frustrated with myself as i am not able to publish something new at the moment. It doesn't mean im not writing something new, but it just... Continue Reading →

What a Hike Could Teach You

Hike once. Get attached forever. Especially when you are a nature lover.  It's actually one of my favorite hobbies,even though i don't get to go as much as i'd like.. However, hikes are teachers within themselves, that is if you... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts…

Hello everyone,       As always, i'm working on something new,hopefully to be published tomorrow. However today i wanted to share a few thoughts with you.  Firstly, i wanted to say that i am glad that i am writing again,... Continue Reading →

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